The Next Step

This is a crisis.

You’ve been accused.  Maybe arrested, or summonsed to court for a crime, and its serious. A storm has crashed into your life, upsetting everything and threatening your future. You are caught up in a process that is moving forward on its own, sweeping you along. 

The next step is to meet with a criminal defense lawyer to learn what it is that you are caught up in, what it means for you, and what your options are.

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We know what this is like.

Things may not have been perfect, but you had some control over your life and your future. At least things were normal. Everything seemed to be in it's place. You had plans.  Goals. Some happiness.  

Then, you were accused of a crime. This changed everything. How did it happen? There are lots of ways and reasons for why people get accused and charged, but no one plans for any of them. This was not part of the plan.

There’s fear, and shame, and anger, and frustration.  You don’t want anyone to know, and you don’t know where to turn. What will all of this mean for your job and career? For your family? For your freedom?

Your mind goes to the very worst possible outcomes. Anxiety is constant. This is not how your life is supposed to be going. And you don’t have control.

How do you move forward when the whole system seems so complicated?

Very quickly you learn that this is not like what you have seen on TV.

You wonder, “Why can't I get any answers?”

Lawyers are scary. Not dangerous scary, they're scary because the law is scary, the government is scary, prosecutors and judges are scary, and they seem to make everything too opaque with legal terms. It feels like they won’t give a straight answer. Everything “depends.”

You think, “How will I survive this?” You also think, “How am I going to afford this?” You have car payments and school loans and a mortgage or rent and you're expected to come up with who knows how much money to pay some lawyer. And maybe all of this is because of something you didn’t even do.

How long will this go on? Are you going to have to pay every time you want to have a phone call about your own life? Will the lawyer even call you back? To answer questions about YOUR LIFE?

There's got to be a better way.

There is.

We've been different from the beginning, almost three decades ago. It's just part of our DNA. It's why we like to say, "We do defense differently."

These differences have occasionally made other lawyers, judges, and prosecutors unhappy, but that's okay, because we don't help lawyers or judges or prosecutors, we help you. 

It's not magic.

Right from the start, we were different because we took the time to listen.  To you. To your family. To your story. To your fears. To your hopes and goals and dreams.  To the good parts and the difficult parts.

You are not your case. You are a person with a history and a present and a future, unlike any other person ever, and we know that all of that past, present, and future is important to how we do our work for and with you.  

Because we represent people. Not files. That’s why we refer to our clients as “our people”.

It seems obvious, but there is always a reason why someone is in the tough circumstances that bring them to us. That reason why is usually the key to successfully defending you and giving you your life back.

So we set out from the beginning to learn about the things beyond the law that bring people to our door, and we sought to learn all we could and connect with the best professionals who could help “our people” with whatever they may need in addition to defense in the courtroom.  

We very quickly learned that the help with the things outside the courtroom were invaluable keys to success in the courtroom.

Of course the courtroom legal advocacy is paramount.  Technical legal knowledge, experience with negotiation and legal argument, and superb trial skills come first.

But who you are, where you came from, and where you are going, cannot be neglected. We don’t think anyone wakes up one morning and says, “I think I will go get charged with a crime today.”

Sometimes it is someone making a false allegation against you, because of their own issues. Sometimes it is the stress of modern life, trauma, mental health challenges, difficult family or social history, alcohol or substance use, that leads to a charge.

Understanding who you are is the critical part of our work that makes us better and more effective.  And when we understand, we can help.  We want to make a lasting, positive impact on our people’s lives.

Take back control.

When you take action, you regain a measure of control of your life. Start by choosing to work with us. Take that next step, and start to take back control of your life.

So what does this really mean for you?  You are a participant in your defense; we work together.  The ugly truth is that some lawyers accept a case and don’t want to be bothered by their client until the day of trial. With us, you are part of the team. It's your life, after all, and who knows you and your life better?

We have found that the best indicator of success in our people’s cases is trust, and trust is built with communication. We want to make communication with us as frictionless as possible. We aren’t perfect, but we think we do a pretty great job, and our people seem to agree.

Our phone is always answered, and we use text regularly to be as accessible as possible.  We want you to call when you have a question, but also if you need to hear something we said again, or if you just need to talk about what is going on to work it through again. You need to know that we are here for you, we listen, and we care. We can show that by being easy to communicate with.

We can do that because we keep our caseload manageable. We do not take every case that comes through our door. We don’t do a volume business, like some lawyers. We wouldn’t be able to work for our people the way we do if we accepted every case we could and churned them out like a mill.

The first step is protecting yourself.

Your first step is to talk to us. We’ll set up a confidential, in-person meeting where we can sit down and talk about what happens next. We’ll discuss your situation, your family, and the things that matter most to you. We will begin to get to know you, and you will begin to get to know us. Your meeting will result in an action plan plus an understanding of your rights and options.

You’ll come in confused and nervous with lots of questions, but you’ll leave with a team on your side and a clear idea of how we are going to move forward to defend and protect you. Being accused is traumatic. It's like a storm crashing into your life. We are here to get you safely through the storm.

We know this is tough for you to go through.  You shouldn’t have to do it alone. As we say, being accused is traumatic, and that trauma will have affects. We encourage our people to accept the help of a therapist or counselor, at least while they are going through their case. We have a network of therapists and counselors we refer our people to, and often they continue seeing them long after the criminal storm has passed.  

Sometimes sometimes our people come in with issues with alcohol, or drugs, or past trauma, or current abuse, or a myriad of other things.  We work to get our people help with whatever they need, while we work to defend them in court.

How much will this cost?

Worried about legal fees? We understand. Criminal defense is not inexpensive, and it's also critically important. As we’ve said, no one plans for hiring a criminal defense lawyer. With our straightforward, flat-fee structure you’ll know precisely what the total fee will be. We set the fee based on the complexity of your situation. If necessary we will work out a payment plan for you, and we have access to lenders who can help you also. 

This is intimidating. We understand.

You are never prepared for an accusation, but you can get informed and take action to defend yourself. If you’re on this page, it’s time to take action. A criminal charge won’t go away. It won’t get better if you ignore it. The process will storm on whether you want it to or not.

This is scary, and you’re angry.  Of course you are, if you weren’t there would be something seriously wrong. We believe that helping you cope with the fear and the frustration is part of our job. 

You need clear answers now, and you need a team on your side.

We defend good people every single day. It’s all we do. No real estate closings in the morning or slip and fall cases in the afternoon. We’re exclusively dedicated to defending good people against serious criminal accusations.

Take the next step.

For nearly three decades, we have been successfully defending good people who have been accused. 

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Being Accused is Traumatic.
We Understand.

We get you safely through the storm.

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