On a Mission to Change Criminal Defense

It's a big goal, one that we pursue one person, one case, at a time.

We think there is a better way to do criminal defense, and we want to be an example of that better way.

Criminal defense lawyers have to be tough, and relentless, and powerful in the courtroom.

We think they should also recognize that they are in a helping profession, and represent whole people, not just case files.

We are out to set a better example, one client at a time.

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Our Comprehensive Approach

We view each client not as a set of legal problems, but as a whole individual living a unique and valued life.

We understand that good people sometimes face great challenges. We help you get your life back. We preserve your freedom, your family, your career. Being accused is traumatic. We understand.

Inside the Courtroom

In the courtroom we fight the accusations with the highest level of advocacy and legal skill developed over almost 30 years in Massachusetts courts.

We have developed skills and strategies that help us be successful in every aspect of courtroom practice, from trials in front of juries, to hearings to suppress evidence or dismiss charges, to plea hearings, dangerousness hearings, and appeals.

By combining our legal expertise with a deep sense of compassion, we ensure that every client receives a fair and just representation.

Outside the Courtroom

Outside the courtroom, we help you address the the underlying life circumstances and nonlegal issues that so often play a role in driving good people into the criminal justice system in the first place.

These can include trauma, addiction, mental health issues, family crisis or instability, developmental disability, and physical illness and disability.

We have cultivated a carefully vetted network of professionals we work with regularly who we can call upon for your team. We seek to help make lasting, positive change in our clients' lives.

How We Can Help You

A criminal accusation is a storm crashing through your life.

Everything is threatened. Your future becomes uncertain.

We get you through the storm, safely.

Powerful in the Courthouse. Supportive and compassionate outside.

We bring the skill and experience you need on your side, the resources, support and understanding, the help, to right the ship and continue your voyage.

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