Our Comprehensive Approach To Criminal Defense

We do criminal defense differently. We make it a priority to understand each client as a whole person. We take the time to understand their full story - family circumstances, past trauma, mental health challenges, addiction issues - and their goals, hopes and dreams. This informs how we build the best defense and identifies how to build the best team for each client. We have cultivated a vetted network of professionals we work with regularly who we can call upon for our client's team. We address not only the charges in court but also the the underlying life circumstances and nonlegal issues that so often play a role in driving clients into the criminal justice system in the first place -- such as trauma, addiction, mental illness, family crisis or instability, developmental disability, and physical illness and disability. We seek to help make lasting, positive change in our clients' lives.

How We Can Help You

A criminal accusation is a storm blowing through your life. Everything is threatened. Your future becomes uncertain. We get you through the storm, safely. The skill and experience you need on your side, the support and understanding, the help to right the ship and continue your voyage. That's what we bring.

On A Mission To Change Criminal Defense

It's a big goal, one that we pursue one person, one case, at a time. We think there is a better way to do criminal defense, and we want to be an example of that better way. We want to be leaders in developing and promoting Comprehensive Criminal Defense as a better way to help and advocate for clients. We want to set an example, one client at a time.

Ernest Stone

I believe that no one should be judged as a person based upon their worst day or worst mistake.

Joanne Dubray

Case Manager
Joannne maintains and manages our relationships with other lawyers, therapists, doctors, treatment programs, and others, who we call on to join our clients’ teams.

Katherine Powers

Business Manager
She is our Practice Manager. She manages our business, but she is not just a bookkeeper. She is so much more.

Janice Levesque

Client Advocate
She does so many things for our clients, we call her the “Director of Shenanigans.” But most importantly, she brings compassion and understanding for our people and their families.

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Contact our team today to get started on your case. Contact us through our website or call (978) 969 2890. We are available 24/7 and want to help you through this time in your life.

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