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Sex crime accusations are maybe the most dangerous and destructive to your life and wellbeing. These accusations destroy reputations, relationships, careers and lives.  And that's before you even get to trial.  It's crucial to have the most skilled and experienced defense attorney by your side. We have been defending charges of sexual assault, rape, indecent assault, child pornography, and other sex offenses, for more than 27 years, in courts across Eastern Massachusetts. We are committed to providing the best defense, because your freedom, future, and family are at stake.

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Facing Sex Crime Allegations Can Make You Feel Isolated and Ashamed

We know the weight of being accused of a sex crime can be crushing. The shame, fear, and uncertainty over the future is immense. Many lose careers and relationships due to the humiliating stigma surrounding these allegations. The complex legal terrain ahead seems impossible to navigate. It feels like you have been assumed guilty as soon as the accusation is made. We know, and we can help.

You Need an Ally and Advocate Who Understands and Cares

We understand the extreme stress these allegations cause. We give the very best defense in court while also supporting you through this crisis with care and respect. We've been defending against sex crime allegations for more than 27 years. We have learned over that time that a comprehensive defense is the best defense. We build a team to both defend you and to help you cope with the trauma of being accused. Our approach is different, and its better. Let us help.

If you are facing charges related to sex crimes in Massachusetts, it is essential to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who specializes in this area of law. Sex crimes encompass a wide range of offenses, such as sexual assault, rape, child pornography, indecent exposure, and more. The consequences of a sex crime conviction can be severe, including imprisonment, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and long-lasting damage to your personal and professional reputation. With the guidance and representation of a skilled Massachusetts sex crimes attorney, you can navigate the legal complexities surrounding these charges and work towards the best possible outcome for your case.

Should You Hire A Massachusetts Sex Crimes Attorney?

When facing sex crime charges, the decision to hire a Massachusetts sex crimes attorney is of utmost importance. Sex crime cases are highly sensitive, emotionally charged, and legally complex. An attorney specializing in sex crimes has the knowledge and experience to handle the intricacies involved. They understand the nuances of sex crime laws in Massachusetts and can provide you with the necessary legal advice, support, and advocacy throughout the entire legal process. By hiring a skilled attorney, you gain a dedicated advocate who will protect your rights, navigate the complexities of the case, challenge the prosecution's evidence, and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring A Massachusetts Sex Crimes Attorney?

Hiring a Massachusetts sex crimes attorney offers numerous benefits. Firstly, an attorney can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the charges against you and the potential consequences you may face. They will explain the legal process, your rights, and the available defenses. A sex crimes attorney will carefully evaluate the evidence presented by the prosecution, identifying any weaknesses, inconsistencies, or violations of your rights that can be challenged. They will conduct a thorough investigation, interview witnesses, consult with experts, and gather additional evidence to build a strong defense strategy tailored to your case.

Additionally, a sex crimes attorney has experience dealing with sensitive and complex matters related to sex crimes. They possess the necessary skills to handle delicate situations, such as questioning witnesses and victims and ensuring the protection of everyone's rights and privacy. They can negotiate with the prosecution for reduced charges, plea bargains, or alternative sentencing options when appropriate. If your case goes to trial, they will provide skilled courtroom representation, presenting compelling arguments, cross-examining witnesses, and working diligently to undermine the prosecution's case.

What Does A Massachusetts Sex Crimes Attorney Do?

A Massachusetts sex crimes attorney specializes in defending individuals accused of sex-related offenses. They handle various aspects of your case, including legal advice, investigation, negotiation, and representation in court. A sex crimes attorney will review the specific details of your case, analyze the evidence against you, assess potential defenses, and develop a strategic defense plan. They will explain the legal process, guide you through each step, and ensure that your rights are protected.

Your attorney will conduct an independent investigation to gather additional evidence, interview witnesses, consult with experts, and challenge the prosecution's case. They will negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf, seeking the best possible outcome, whether through reduced charges, alternative sentencing, or dismissal of the case. If your case proceeds to trial, your attorney will vigorously advocate for your innocence, present a strong defense, and challenge the credibility of the prosecution's evidence and witnesses.

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If you are facing sex crime charges in Massachusetts, it is crucial to act quickly and seek legal representation from a skilled and compassionate Massachusetts sex crimes attorney. Contact an attorney today to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

“I would absolutely recommend Ernie to anyone. ”
He was more than just my lawyer. He was my guardian angel during a very scary and desperate time in my life. He walked with me every step of the way and looked out for my best interest at every twist and turn. He stayed available seven days a week and within moments of my reaching out to him. I will be indebted to him forever. I knew I was in safe hands even though my matter kept me in constant fear. He gave me the courage to keep pushing forward and spent countless hours cheerleading me through an unspeakable experience.


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"Attorney Stone was excellent."
He was extremely knowledgeable and knew his way around the Diversion Program and the Court. He gave us all the information and potential results upfront. He explained the entire process to us from start to finish and he mapped out a plan of action that resulted in a favorable outcome for my child. I would recommend Attorney Stone 100 percent. Thanks to him my child has no criminal record.



"I knew Ernie was the real deal."
I knew the moment I spoke to Ernie on the phone he was the real deal. He made us feel at ease during a very stressful time and fought for us. We won our case because of his perseverance and professionalism. He’s just a really good person who’s in your corner fighting for you. Thanks Ernie you’re the best!!!!


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"I can't say enough about Ernie and his team. "
They helped our family navigate a very delicate and complicated legal situation. We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. And Ernie's down-to-earth demeanor helped us feel like we were being listened to and never being talked down to. I would highly recommend Ernie, as I am certain he would do his absolute best to achieve a best-case-scenario outcome for every single one of his clients.

R. Hall

Former Client

"Much love and appreciation to this group"
Although my experience with this group was brief I would recommend them to anyone. From the first call I knew this was the right choice. Ernie kept my best interests in mind when representing me with results better than expected! I can’t thank them enough. Special shout-out to Joanne who is truly the nicest person. Their whole vibe was homely like family. Much love and appreciation to this group... even the 4 legged nugget running around their office.

A. Ram

Former Client

"I was in good hands..."
Before working with Ernie I was very unaware of how my future would be and felt alone in my case; that all changed once I had Ernie Stone as my lawyer. Very professional, very reassuring, very caring and helpful with any questions you may have. I can definitely say that there was always a smile on their faces and made me feel welcomed and well taken care of. I had no doubt in mind that I was in good hands and that I was going to be alright.

Raydelis J.

Former Client

Asked Questions

What constitutes a sex crime in Massachusetts?
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Sex crimes in Massachusetts encompass a range of offenses, including sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, indecent assault and battery, child pornography, prostitution-related offenses, indecent exposure, and more. Each offense has its own specific elements and penalties.

What are the potential consequences of a sex crime conviction in Massachusetts?
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The consequences of a sex crime conviction in Massachusetts can be severe. They may include imprisonment, probation, mandatory registration as a sex offender, fines, court-ordered counseling or treatment programs, restrictions on residency or employment, and a permanent criminal record.

How does Massachusetts define consent in relation to sexual offenses?
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In Massachusetts, consent is defined as the voluntary agreement of a person to engage in sexual activity. The absence of consent or the inability to give consent due to factors such as age, mental incapacity, intoxication, or coercion can form the basis for charges of sexual assault or rape.

What are the potential defenses to sex crime charges in Massachusetts?
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Defenses to sex crime charges vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. Common defenses may include consent, mistaken identity, lack of evidence, false accusations, alibi, or challenging the credibility of witnesses or evidence presented by the prosecution. An experienced Massachusetts sex crimes attorney can evaluate the details of your case and determine the most appropriate defense strategy.

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