Should I Tell About My Addiction?

The answer is simple: absolutely. It may be hard to talk about, but your lawyer won’t judge you. Addiction and substance abuse are critical factors and discussing them can create opportunities to resolve your case in good ways, and to make lasting, positive changes in your life. Remember that your discussions with your lawyer are confidential.

Depending upon the charge against you, confiding in your attorney about drug or alcohol use, abuse, or addiction might not seem important, but it can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. It may be that the charge arose out of drug or alcohol use, or behaviors associated with them. Honest discussion of drug and/or alcohol use may provide opportunities for resolving even serious criminal charges in a favorable way.  Your attorney can help you understand the implications of your addiction and how it can affect your case, and can provide referrals for treatment. Sometimes, a professional evaluation obtained by your lawyer can show that substance abuse in not a problem for you, and that can often help resolve criminal matters in a positive way.

Addiction is a common problem in Massachusetts, and in 2020, the state ranked 16th-highest for deadly overdoses in the country. Addiction and substance abuse are recognized as contributing factors to behavior that can result in criminal charges. Courts are very familiar with alcohol and substance abuse issues, and since the opioid crisis of the 2000’s they have changed their perspective on addiction and alcoholism. No longer is substance use seen as a bad choice that deserves incarceration.  Addiction and substance abuse are now recognized by the Courts as the medical conditions that they are, and treated as such.

A 2018 Massachusetts Department of Public Health survey shows that about 10.7% of people in Massachusetts had used an illegal drug in the past month. In addition, 3.2 percent of these people admitted to having abused opioids in previous months.  The rate of use and abuse of legal substances is much higher.  Substance use and abuse are common factors in many, if not most, criminal cases.

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