Mental Health Treatment in Criminal Cases

Mental health issues can play a critical role in a criminal case in Massachusetts. The presence of significant mental illness can sometimes result in the dismissal of criminal charges. Mental health issues can also justify the reduction of charges or help in resolving charges in an advantageous way. In addition to potentially being helpful during negotiation and sentencing, mental health assessments and getting the help you need can significantly impact your well-being after sentencing. 

This post aims to shed light on the connection between mental health and criminal cases, discuss available treatment options, and highlight the specific benefits and challenges of seeking treatment for mental health issues in criminal cases in Massachusetts.

The Connection Between Mental Health and Criminal Cases

There is a noticeable link between mental health and behavior that can lead to criminal charges. Incarcerated individuals experience mental health issues at a significantly higher rate than the general population. According to the Prison Policy Initiative, nearly one out of four people in jail experience severe psychological disorders.

Addressing mental health issues can contribute to a more compassionate understanding of behavior, which can result in better outcomes in court. Often, people are understandably reluctant to talk about their mental health. Social stigma and misplaced shame can keep people suffering in silence, or prevent them from revealing important information that can greatly help them in a criminal case.

The Benefits of Seeking Treatment for Mental Health Issues in Criminal Cases

Just being charged and involved in the criminal court system can be traumatic, and it makes sense to get help in coping with the pressure of the criminal process. A good criminal defense attorney will encourage you to get the help of a therapist while the case is ongoing, and may even make a referral for you to someone the lawyer knows and trusts. We do this often in our practice. Seeking treatment for mental health issues can also have a positive impact on the outcome of your case.  Treatment can address the symptoms that may have led to your charges, and it can persuade prosecutors that you will not be a future risk. A judge will likely value your efforts to address your mental health issues when making decisions about sentencing or other legal matters.

From the Court’s perspective, treatment can help address the underlying issues contributing to criminal behavior, making individuals less likely to reoffend. From your perspective, it can significantly improve your life after the case is over. Seeking treatment can address symptoms and help you develop coping mechanisms, reduce anxiety, address addiction, improve your emotional well-being, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Challenges to Seeking Treatment for Mental Health Issues in Criminal Cases

Despite the benefits, there are challenges to accessing mental health treatment in the criminal justice system. The stigma surrounding mental health and criminal charges can create barriers to seeking help. Some people fear that getting mental health treatment is a sign of weakness, or will make them look guilty.  Neither is true.  But the accessibility and affordability of therapy can be significant obstacles that must be addressed through increased awareness, advocacy, and resource allocation. A good defense lawyer will have resources to help overcome these obstacles.

Available Treatment Options for Mental Health Issues in Criminal Cases

Fortunately, various treatment options are available for individuals with mental health issues in the criminal justice system. These options include outpatient counseling, therapy, medication, and substance abuse programs, as well as inpatient programs when appropriate. The treatment must be tailored to each individual's unique needs to effectively address their specific mental health challenges. There are court-sponsored programs, but a good criminal defense attorney will be able to put together private treatment options that may be more personalized and appropriate for an individual.

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Seeking treatment for mental health issues in criminal cases is vital for addressing the underlying causes of problematic behavior and promoting rehabilitation. In Massachusetts, where specialized mental health treatment programs are available, the benefits of seeking treatment are significant, leading to improved outcomes and reduced re-offending rates. We have a network of trusted treatment providers we can refer our clients to, who can help make lasting, positive changes in their lives. 

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